Ariana Díaz Celma

Spicy Yuli is a place of a thousand scents that will take you to other cultures and memories of your life. It is a small shop that reinvents herbalist’s shop inspired by London, where the owner lived for years.

In their well sorted glass and metal jars there are 170 varieties of spices from all over the world and over 100 teas. At Spicy Yuli they will let you all smell and taste the teas and will advise you on which one best fits your taste while listening to soft background music and enjoying a very British decoration.

Spicy Yuli sells organic tea and infusions and a wide range of spices ranging from the most exotic and hard to find to the most common. Although salt is not a species, we all know it is a staple in the kitchen, and so you will also find gourmet Maldon salts like Devil Black Pepper, Hot Pepper or Parsley. They also have accessories such as tea cups, infusers or cookies and recipe books. Enjoy Spicy Yuli’s one thousand scents!


  • Address: C/Valverde, 42, Madrid