Nuria Candela López

Now that we have recovered from Sónar 2017, one of the hottest editions so far that also broke attendance records, we can talk about it and value it from a distance while waiting from the next edition, which will surely meet our expectations. This year one of our favorite daytime stages was the SonarDôme, where RBMA presented Dutch artist Sofie Winterson, a singer songwriter whose strength lies in her voice and in her combination of musical styles including indie, folk, pop and electronica. We had the opportunity to chat with her about her music and her experience at the festival.

Was incredible to be part of the Academy and to meet people from all over the world who have the same dream

How did you choose this way of life and what did it mean to you to be part of RBMA?

I never chose it as a way of life, really, but I have shared stages with my family since I was little. That’s when I discovered I could build a life around music and I decided to do so.

I was very happy when they called me, I thought it was incredible to be part of the Academy and to meet people from all over the world who have the same dream and who are in the same position because you can share your thoughts with them. It also gives us the opportunity to make music together. We play in the same places so we meet occasionally.

Your voice mixes elements of folk, indie, pop and electronica. How would you define it?
That’s spot on! I used to listen to a lot of folk and soul music. I started mixing it with electronic music a couple of years ago. You can also call it Dream Pop, if you want.
What are the main influences?
My books and my friends. Musically, I am inspired by a very wide range of styles. To name a few: Mazzy Star, Anna Domino, Judee Sill, The Band, Waterlelyck, Rihanna, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Beach House, Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Future Islands, Cocteau Twins, Daniel Johnston, Rimer London, Kate Bush, Suicide, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
What is your composition process like? Do you write the lyrics and put music to them afterwards?
It depends. Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes it is the melody, a thought, a rhythm or a bass line…
What does it mean for Sofie Winterson to be one of RBMA artists at Sónar 2017?
I am very honored to be part of the Sónar line up!
Now that a few days have passed since your performance, what are your impressions about it?
I felt a little sad at first… I had to improvise some parts of my performance because my luggage didn’t arrive in Barcelona on time, ​​it was stuck in Paris. So the show was a bit different from what we had prepared, but I’m really happy we did it anyway!
Did you stay for the rest of the festival? What shows did you see, did you discover any new artists?
I had to fly back on Saturday… It was a shame I didn’t have much time to see other acts, but I saw see my RBMA teammates Maria Davidson, Lamusa and River Tiber. I really liked Suzanne Ciani, her set was very good.
Any musical goal you can tell us, such as a collaboration with another artist or a performance in a specific festival or room?
We have just released a selection of some stuff we did for the RBMA’s Soundcloud. You can listen to it there. I’m finishing my album and I hope I will collaborate with them soon after I finish it.
Could you recommend us ten tracks that are special for you?
I usually update a list in Spotify called This Month’s Songs featuring what I’m currently listening to.