Cecilia Díaz Betz

The internet is full of suggestive images. Considering that this wasn’t possible not so long ago, we very much want to recover the work of TEENS for the Catalogue made in The Six & Five Studio, founded by Andy Reisinger y Ezequiel Pini (both art directors and graphic designers) and based in Buenos Aires (take a look at their portfolio here).

With an exorbitant and refined imagination and an exquisite visual poetry, they manage to create truly pop-influenced works of art.

TEENS images above speak for themselves. The Six & Five Studio created this teen-themed photographic series based on actual 3D installations. The result is a perfectly synthesized teen decalogue, an artistic series that engages the viewer with the explosion of color and the use of basic teenager elements. With TEENS the remind us of that time we all experienced a hormonal revolution.