Ariana Díaz Celma

Every law has its loophole. We all know that the city laws don’t allow food trucks on public roads despite how such an initiative could revive Barcelona’s gastronomical offer. Skye Coffee Co  knows this and that’s why they have turned their Citroen HY 1972 van into a coffee shop on wheels. Unable to leave the truck on the road, it is parked on what they call the Skye Coffee Club, a nice space at the entrance of an architect studio on Calle Pamplona, 88.

To have one of their great coffees, you just have to become a member! Poblenou is again the site of a 100 percent good2b-friendly proposal. However, all four wheels of this mobile bar allows it to move from one place to another without much complication. That is why you can find it in certain events of the city. We’ve seen it in festivals?it’s said this year it will park at Primavera Sound?, in some flea market, in some open-air cinemas and in some corporate and private parties.

At Skye Coffee Co  you can try coffees that are hard to find in the city with fresh Hoffman pastries. The truck is already an institution that helps expand the culture of coffee and the figure of the barman, in our opinion the next bartender or sommelier. To give you the idea, there are more types of coffee beans in the world than grapes to make wine. This is an interesting field for gastro culture lovers, which is yet to be explored. The menu of Skye Coffee Co  is simple but very good: expresso, cortado, latte, flat white?our favourite for the mornings?and regular coffee. It also includes a selection of teas, ranging from Whitard Organic and Earl Grey to lemon, ginger, echinacea, detox with anise, fennel, coriander, the Energise, cardamom, elderflower and ginger.  In case you were wondering, milk comes from Granja Magent, which has only 140 free-range, stress-free cows.