Ariana Díaz Celma

La Cuina d’En Garriga, one of Good2b’s favourite restaurants, recently opened the much-awaited El Sifó d’En Garriga, a restaurant with a marked young and casual character that offers uninterrupted service. It takes its name from the family’s past. Their great-great-grandfather, after discovering soda and its curative properties in Paris circa 1876 –the perfect antidote against a wild digestion— decided to open a soda factory and turn carbonated water into a must for future generations. Some of the first soda bottles are showcased as relics at La Cuina d’En Garriga. They also lend their name to the new d’En Garriga project.

El Sifó d’En Garriga is a restaurant with a marked young and casual character that offers uninterrupted service

The Sifó d’En Garriga is located in the premises adjacent to La Cuina d’En Garriga and, in fact, communicates in the back with it, although it breathes a more informal atmosphere than its predecessor.

The space is austere and simple, but super comfortable and with a very original touch resulting from the combination of many factors difficult to guess at first glance. All of them give a unique character to the place. The final touch is the bathrooms, a must-see signed by the art of local artist Albert Madaula.

The menu is a faithful reflection of the restaurant, sober but with a twist that makes each proposal unique. The product is the same as the one served at La Cuina d’En Garriga, although here it is approached in a wilder way without losing the innate class of d’En Garriga. We recommend appetizers such as the delicious músico with nuts and spicespotato chips with lime and hot sauce or Banderillas Malagueñas followed by an assorted dish of charcuterie and cheeses. Another highlight is the always mouthwatering truffle mortadella, homemade paté or La Cuina’s truffle brie.

These dishes give personality to a menu based on product worked with a surprising twist

But the most surprising section in the menu are the small dishes. Special mention to the pea humus and the original escalivada with longfinned tuna. Iberian roast beef, salmon tartar with herbs and citrus or potato seasoned with smoked sardine from Cantabria. The philosophy of Sifó d’En Garriga, which could be summed up as ‘eat fast but good’, is evidenced in the small selection of grilled sandwiches. Examples? The bikini sandwich with cooked ham and manchego, the falafel with soy cream and the sandwich with sobrasada, cheese and honey. With such appetizing names, it is impossible not to fantasize with desserts. The lemon cream with sablé and the coffee sumirati are the perfect culmination of an unpretentious yet exquisite meal.

Other small details we have fallen in love with include the menu featuring smoothie, blended juices, cocktails and shots, and, of course, wine. The Nomad coffee brand is the icing on the cake! An average meal at El Sifó d’En Garriga is 20€.

Photos © Cecilia Díaz Betz