Cecilia Díaz Betz

Did you go on holidays without your Cuaderno de Blackie Books? You’re crazy my friend, summer doesn’t exist without the Cuaderno and the Cuadreno is meaningless if it isn’t summer. You still can overcome your summer homework trauma whether you’re in pre-holiday, post-holiday or holiday mode.

August’s just begun and there’s still a lot of summer ahead, so get your Cuaderno de Blackie Books to keep your mind awake and busy and show your friends you’re the master of the universe as far as puzzles and other crossroads goes. Over 100 pages of tests, mazes, logic games, quizzes, exercises about TV series, film, literature, science… This third Cuaderno comes with a surprise, a new subject called Spain and Sex! You’re not going to spend this summer or anything better! Watch the video by Blackie Books and judge by yourself!