Laura Naranjo

Street culture and music are the inspiration for the cool patterns, prints and fabrics that we present today. They belong to Shoop, a brand founded in 2011 that has just launched its new collection called #??unoq.

This new line is inspired by the way in which we understand personal relationships, perceive the environment and listen to music has changed in recent years due to the Internet. This is the concept that has been used with Bounce to transfer music to clothing. Soundcloud waves from a Justin Timberlake song, digitally visualized and looped, are the basis of the collection. Analogue culture is also represented through handmade drawings of mystical and musical inspiration, created by hand and transformed digitally into prints. All garments in this collection are reversible: sweatshirts, asymmetrical quilted vests, reversible parkas, and hats.

Learn more HERE. The video is the work of Alejandro Casacallana.