Ariana Díaz Celma

Lover of Japanese food have a reason to celebrate. Madrid has a new, top-quality Japanese restaurant named Shikku Zacaya with spectacular touches in a super modern ambiance. The restaurant honours its name??chic tavern? in English?in all ways.

Shikki Zacaya is the project of a man passionate about Japanese food and chef Rafael Sánchez, who has worked for the best Japanese restaurants in the city, including the Suntory and the Tsunami. Located near Plaza Cuzco, it is divided into two floors. The ground floor features dinning tables, a sushi bar and an open-to-view kitchen. Downtairs there is a lounge bar with comfortable sofas and a cocktail bar. This is an after work area, or ?after wok?, as they call it. The Cuzco Plaza is right in Madrid’s financial area, so this kind of proposals are ideal for people working in the area. The barman is David González (1st G-Vine Spain Award). We recommend his Asami cocktail, which has won him many prices. If you’re into Japanese flavours, try their Saikiriña with sake, mojito and green tea. As for food, they serve Sushiman, a Japanese snack including Tuna Sashimi Pizzas, Shrimp Tempura, Ox Gyozas with Foie, Calamari Nigiri with Ali Oli Sauce and Crunchy Shrimp Uramaki with Curry.


The restaurant also features a private area for 12 guests with a Teppanyaki table and a large grill to enjoy live cooking. But Shikku Zacaya doesn’t only serve raw food. We recommend the Robata Grill, an oak vegetal coal grill to cook Yakitori Chicken and Wagyu Ox Brochettes, among other things. The sushi section includes Butterfish with Truffle, Black Cod, Foie Teriyaki with Soy Syrup and Brioche, Lobster Ceviche and an spectacular Oyster Shot with Quail Eggs and Lime, to mane a few. Order their Tasting Menus for 50 or 70 Euros if you can’t make up your mind.


The wine list is well assorted. It also includes sakes you won’t find anywhere else in Madrid. Do you work in the area?


  • Address: C/ Doctor Fleming, 32 madrid