Ariana Díaz Celma

The label ?Japanese’ is not hard to find nowadays. What it is difficult is to find a real Japanese restaurant, one without the misleading Chinese-Japanese places we don’t like that much. Barcelona’s Top Ten Japanese restaurants includes one called Shibui, a master of its kind established twelve years ago. Shibui mean as simple and subtle style and invites the palate to have a taste of the best recipes in two spaces characterized by discretion and good taste?a wooden dining room and a cellar leading to a Japanese garden and a tatami area. You decided where you want to eat.


The kitchen is run by chef Kazutoshi Komuta, always working behind the bar of the main dining, showing customers the art of sushi making. We recommend you to order some of the options included in the Suggestions section, especially those with raw fish as a basic ingredient. Komuta is keen on the new Japanese cuisine, which focuses on innovation and mixes it with Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines, yet it remains loyal to traditional Japanese food. Other Shabui specialties include Yakisoba noodles, so tasty it would be hard to find something similar anywhere in the city; toro tataki?roasted tuna belly; Issebi No Tempura?fried shrimp, and Wagyu fillet steak. Desserts feature Aisu Kurumi No Furai, a crunchy vanilla ice cream that is also served with plain ice cream and almonds.

The restaurant also has a cocktail service with Premium brands for customers to end the meal with traditional Japanese mixes or with Japanese-inspired cocktails.

 A meat at Shibui is about 25/40 Euros.


  • Address: C/ Comte?d?Urgell, ?272 Barcelona