Ariana Díaz Celma

It’s a fact. Chinese restaurants verge on mediocrity and cheesiness most of the times. However, there’s always one that stands out for breaking the rule. This is the case of Shanghai, a restaurant that has found its way to the top thanks to the master hand of Chef Josep Maria Kao. The dining area does without kitsch elements and favours elegant furniture with some Chinese details.

The menu includes the typical dishes one would find in any Chinese restaurant though better in quality, with top-notch ingredients and unique flavours. Among them the Shark Fin Soup, Spring Rolls and Special Fried Rice, along with other more sophisticated dishes including Vegetable Noodles with Poached Rosiñol Eggs with Truffle or Wanton Stuffed with Shrimp so fresh they melt in your mouth. As for meats, we recommend their Bittersweet Pork, Beef with Bamboo and Mushrooms and Chicken Curry. But the restaurant’s star dish is the Peking Duck. The serving process is sheer spectacle. The waiter cuts it in front of clients, who then roll them in tortillas with vegetables and a special sauce.

As for desserts, try their Fried Banana Roll with Chocolate. A full meal at Shanghai is about 40 EUR.


  • Address: c/ bisbe sevilla 48 barcelona