Ariana Díaz Celma

Choosing a name cannot be taken lightly, and much less so in gastronomy. A name may condition a good start, the ensuing reservations and the success or loss of interest by the people over the years. This isn’t the case of Seducción a la carta. Are you willing to let yourself be seduced? Located a few meters from La Castellana, Seducción a la carta welcomes guests in a most atypical way. An open dining area and a cocktail bar hidden just past the tables reveal more surprises to come. This industrial chic ambiance is the work of sumiller Buenaventura García and maître

Seducción a la carta welcomes guests in a most atypical way

Ángel Sánchez, who put the best of their experience to the service of guests, serving dishes marked by two generations and which tradition is at the service of the most modern virtuosity.

Dishes such as egg seduction with truffle oiled shrimps, salt cod brandade, blood sausage sachet, Bilbao-style Piquillo peppers in their own juice, the spectacular fungus and truffle risotto, seabass ceviche, pickled red quail or Chef-style veal tripe and cheeks will make you dip bread until the end. These are examples of how traditional dishes with a contemporary twist are sometimes the best idea.

At Seducción a la carta guests have relaxed meals that become long after-dinner conversations, punctuated with the barman’s delicious cocktails, served with the same joy as coffees are served at breakfast time. Slowly but surely, it seduces guests to the core.


  • Address: c/Infanta Mercedes, 31
  • Timetable: L: 12,00h a 17,00h y M-S: 12,00h a 02,00h
  • Phone: 915 99 64 96 / 608 79 08 96
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: