Ariana Díaz Celma

We want to expand our radar, so we pedaled up to Sants to taste the best burgers in the area at Santa Burg, a small place that offers an honest proposal and which has just updated the menu. Santa Burg’s motto is Porque la carne es débil (Because meat is weak? In Spanish ?carne’ means meat and flesh).

Chef Alain Guiard (Ábac, Blanc, Mandarin Oriental) is aware that the meat served in Santa Burg is so delicious that it could be considered a sin. He even says that lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride come into play when it comes to such an exquisite raw material. This said, what do these burgers have that makes them so special?

The burgers of Santa Burg have as much personality as the name suggests. Some of the burgers include Sant Jordi with beef sausage, onion and Cheedar cheese; Chinatown with beef and sausage, raw onion and Chinese cabbage, sweet and sour sauce, and bacon, the perfect crossover between the West and the East; the San Fermín, with chistorra from Navarra (good2b’s quintessential guilty pleasure), rocket and caramelized onion; Santa Bollywood with Tikka Masala chicken, Tzatziki sauce, tomato and lettuce; or the Santa Deluxe, designed for the most sybarite gourmets: it contains Dry Angel burger, foie gras and caramelized apple. Other great options are the Santa Royal served on black bread with Dry Aged hamburger and everything a burger can have, and the Gin-Salmon, a bagel-style sandwich with salmon marinated in gin and citrus, plus tomato, arugula and tartar sauce. You can eat these burgers with salads.

Now that customizing everything is a must, it’s worth knowing that you can also play DIY at Santa Burg. Choose between five different types of bread, six types of meat and endless list of side ingredients accessories to make a single burger.

The best: a feat at Santa Burg is no more than 20 euros. Conclusion: stop being a lazy arse and go to Sants!


  • Address: C/Vallespir, 51 Barcelona