Ariana Díaz Celma

The perfect laptop is here! HP presents HP Pavilion x360, a computer featuring the best of tablets and laptops in the same object. The perfect partner, whether you need it for leisure or for work, you can easily convert it from notebook to stand to tent to tablet mode, making it very easy for users and breaking the rules of commonly established on laptops. 360º of benefits that help you take a step forward without limits, something international surfer Ian Walsh has fully internalized?a groundbreaking vital experience that needs equally groundbreaking gadgets.

HP Pavilion x360‘s distinctive and unique innovation lies in its flexibility to make our lives easier and give us great comfort, and in its touchscreen functions. For example, the Notebook mode allows users to answer emails, take notes or create documents. Users who want to relax and use the HP Pavilion x360 to watch movies or play can use the stand to watch mode without keyboard. And the tent to play for playing, finding photos or sharing your screen to work with others. Thanks to the hinge system, it can be converted into a tablet to navigate social networks or read books.

But this is not all. HP Pavilion x360 is available in two colors: bright red or gray smoke, and also features a soft touch finish that resists fingerprints. It also features AudioTM Beats technology and dual speakers designed to reproduce music with excellent sound quality in any position.

Is your mouth already watering? Is this the device of your dreams? Do you need it? You want it! Well you’re in luck because two HP Pavilion X360 will be given away among those who upload a photo to Instagram, a video to youtube or a tweet explaining the no limits and the go beyond concept via the hashtag #RompeLasReglas.

Here’s the Ian Walsh video for some inspiration! Go ahead!