Laura Naranjo

Backing up olive oil usage in ancient civilizations, La Chinata has developed an ample range of cosmetic products based on the natural properties of virgin extra olive oil. To take care of your skin in summer days, it proposes a product line with anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, moisturizing and reparing powers.

The pack is made up by an intensive body regenerating skin that favours regeneration and hydration. Beeswax’s emollient effect restructures the skin and gives back its elasticity and smoothness, protecting it against harsh external factors and postponing skin ageing. The crushed olive stone used to make La Chinata’s artisanal soap bars have an exfolliating effect that allows for greater absorption of the sculpting effect of wheat, and the firming effect of fig.

It also comes with a facial scrub, which helps the skin regenerate faster, removing dead cells and pore-clogging impurities, as well as a serum formulated from active ingredients with high antioxidant power such as olive leaf extract and resveratrol, which comes from vines.

All necessary info here. If you walk around Barcelona, you can find their products in C/dels Angels, 20. And your skin will look healthy and bright!