Ariana Díaz Celma

Every time a classic disappears, our heart breaks. That is why we applaud the return of Reñé, an old confectionery located in a modernist-style building with a façade that is part of the city’s Heritage. Reñé has now become a bistro-style restaurant serving a Mediterranean menu made with local produce.

Moisés Ibarra, trained at Hoffman and by Alan Ducasse, runs the kitchen of the new Reñé. The menu features Mediterranean classic cuisine with a modern touch. All dishes are for sharing, cooked with local seasonal ingredients and combined with grace and confidence. Some of the dishes include warm frisée tuna salad; sautéed artichoke hearts with Rinaldi dried tomato; steak tartare the way we like it; patatas bravas, and crispy chicken cannelloni with foie bechamel. Don’t miss their diced steak with wine-glazed onions or their rice with lobster. If you like fish, you will be happy to see a fish tank with fresh market fish. As for desserts, there is a wide choice of homemade cakes (the sacher is a nice option) as well as crème brulee and macaroons. A meal at Reñé is about 25/30 euros. If you order one of the wine bottles in their showcases, the bill may increase significantly.

Carlos Martinez is responsible for the interior design of the new Reñé. The original large windows and the marble bar have been kept, as well as the carved wood and the coffered ceiling. It would have been outrageous to remove the elegant look of this centennial bar, but it would been crazy, too, to leave it untouched? As it happens with the menu, the modern touches melt with the rest of the space without almost realizing it.

In summer you can sit on the outdoor tables and enjoy the building’s amazing facade. In addition, the kitchen is open all day long.


  • Address: C/Consell de Cent, 362 Barcelona