Claudia Pascual López

The premiere of the film Alien, The Return in July 1986 was a great success in the US. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the premiere, Reebok launched a pair of sneakers inspired by the Alien Stomper, worn by Sigourney Weaver, aka Ellen Ripley.

Redesign of the famous Alien Stomper for the 30th anniversary of Aliens, The Return

Alien, The Return is among the best 10 science fiction films and thousands and thousands of fans waited for the release of Alien, the Eight Passenger. The partnership between Fox and Reebok to launch the new model will be as resounding as that legendary premiere. The shoes will be available in both mid-top and high-cut versions in limited numbers. Purchasers of the high-top variation will also receive an exclusive Alien Stomper High collectors box. They will be available in Barcelona at 24 KILATES as from 26 April, the Alien Day.