Ariana Díaz Celma

If you’re a fan of ramen or tempura, the restaurant Ramen-Ya Hiro is your next stop! Hiro, one of the chefs from Tempura-Ya Hiro, located on Muntaner 153, has decided to go solo and open a restaurant specializing in the Japanese noodle soup par excellence. Ramen is the star dish and an essential option if you decide to drop by this cosy restaurant. It is served with soy sauce or with miso (our favourite). Both come with noodles with chicken and pork stock. Optional toppings, which make the dish a little bit more consistent, include cha-shu (cooked lard), corn, eggs, cooked bamboo, bean sprouts, nori algae or butter. However, there are more options on the menu.

Ramen is the star dish and an essential option if you decide to drop by this cosy restaurant

In addition to rice, the menu features a short onigiri, including pickle prune, kombu algae, and cooked lard onigiris; and a section of Asian tapas, with gyozas, edamame, kimchio (fermented Chinese cabbage with spicy Korean sauce) and wafu salad with Japanese-style tofu, wakame algae and sesame. Desserts include generous servings of green beans ice cream, matcha tea and sesame seeds custard.

Ramen Ya-Hiro serves a lunch menu for 10.50 euros that includes a ramen or yakishoba dish, a mini salad or an onigir or a gyoza and a drink. If you’re not convinced yet, you should know that half the guests have almond eyes, the best guarantee of quality, as well as the lines to get a table or that tiny space at the bar.

Ramen is one of Japan’s most popular foods. The base of the dish is noodles and stock with other ingredients to taste. It takes hours to cook traditional ramen, which is the kind of ramen Ramen-Ya Hiro serves. A great place to have a meal for no more than 15/20 Euros. Highly Recommendable.


  • Address: C/Girona, 164
  • Timetable: M-S 13:30-15:30 20:30-23:30 ı S Closed
  • Phone: (+34) 93 002 84 41
  • Type: Restaurant