Cecilia Díaz Betz

Electrosplash is one of the hottest plans for this summer, along with your extensive and exhausting festival route. Electrosplash is an electronic music festival celebrated in Vinaròs (Castellón) on July 12-14, a must if you want to have fun and to enjoy summer and good electronic music. Your piggy bank is starting to shake at the thought of spending more money on festivals? Don’t worry! We want you to, so we’ve decided to give away two three-day tickets! Just like that. Participating is very simple, read on and join us!

1. Become a fan on Facebook of Adoptauntí + Electrosplash + good2b

2. Share this post (below) with the horniest sentence you can think of to summarizing your endless to go to Electrosplash.

3. Put your candles to your favourite saint.

We will reveal the winners on Monday, July 7th! Those with the wittiest and funniest sentences or reasons will win! Ready? Steady? Go!