Claudia Pascual López

Dee & Ricky Jackson became world-renowned designers after their collaboration with Marc Jacobs in 2008, which saw the creation of Lego-made brooches.

The new collection of Puma with Dee & Ricky

Now Puma has joined forces with them to launch the basketball-themed PUMA x Dee & Ricky collection. The duo designed the Basket sneaker style in lacquer and felt in bold red, yellow and black. Additional to the sneaker the range also carries a bomber jacket made of soft nylon and a typical colored knitted cuff, a basketball shirt with colored pattern and black contrast seams as well as a cap with 3D Logo print that reads We will win.

Some of the t-shirts in the Puma x Dee & Ricky collection have number 86 printed on the chest in a tribute to the year Dee and Ricky were born. We also love the colorful hat design, so loyal to their style. The collection will hit stores on 1 April.