Cecilia Díaz Betz

Good2b’ers, as today’s a Sunday, let’s confess popcorn is among the best culinary vices ever invented. Once you start eating them, it’s hard to stop. It’s a pleasure. On this the official sofa-blanket-movie day, this winning trio must be accompanied by good popcorn because without them even some movies seem bad.

It is the missing element in your kitchen and you know it. The apparatus by which all your friends will love you and enviadarán. The panacea of cinephilia

The problem is that microwave popcorn is not really our cup of tea and the traditional method is a bit messy, so we usually eat them when we go to the movies. As much as we love our sofa-blanket-movie Sundays, we feel like orphans without them. But times of darkness for popcorn fans have come to an end thanks to artist and designer Jolene Carlierand her end-of-course assignment. With all the force of a hurricane, Popcorn Monsoon has come to us, a great, clean, beautiful, perfect, sophisticated and utterly cool and user-friendly popcorn machine. It is the missing element in your kitchen and you know it; the device all your friends will love and envy. The panacea for movie lovers: Popcorn Monsoon. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem it’ll be marketed anytime soon, but after watching the video below, we feel like investing on Popcorn Monsoon so one day it can shine in our kitchens and make our Sundays perfect at last.