Ariana Díaz Celma

More often than not, you have wanted to play a song you have seen on Facebook or in a blog in a party just to realize you don’t remember the name, consequently plunging into frustration. You miss customized cassette compilations but can’t find a support decent enough to inherit such emotional craft work. You dream of a fair world in which some of your favorite platforms, like Youtube or Soundcloud, are compatible and live in harmony. You hate the ephemeral nature of the internet, where everything seems to have its moment of glory to then disappear into a black hole leaving no trace.

Playmoss, has just launched its most complete version and is presented as the ultimate tool to build video playlists and tracks from YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud

If you are nodding to these statements in despair, keep your chin up because you have just found the solution to your problems. It’s called Playmoss and it has just launched its most complete version to date, the ultimate tool to build music and video playlists—welcome to the 21st century— by using Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Yes, you have read well: pressing play and listening to songs taken from these platforms in the order you want is no longer a utopia. And all this while you decide who will be part of your network of music influencers and interact with them while discovering the latest music releases. Now Playmoss is launching a new website and mobile App for iOS and Android so you and your friends can access your playlists on your smartphone and play them whenever you need them, whether while waiting in the metro in the morning, in the gym or in a party to deploy your private library in its most drunken version.

The new design not only improves upon aesthetic and functional level but enhances the interactivity between users





Using the tool is as real as visiting and creating a profile to start building your own playlists. The new design not only features aesthetic and functional upgrades but also enhances interaction between users. Do you want to know who is following you and who is adding your playlists and tracks? Or who is linking your playlists? Are you interested in discovering music through the influencers you are following? With the newPlaymoss, this is possible thanks to its intuitive nature and its 100% user-friendly interface.

At this point, as the non-conformist audiophile you are, you are probably wondering if it is possible to simultaneously look for music on YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Again, the answer is yes. The new version includes a search engine to find songs on all the platforms simultaneously. In addition, it will also be easier to find interesting profiles to interact with and create your own network.

Some Good Fridays’ artists are Jennifer Cardini, Modeselektor, Delorean, Matias Aguayo, Barry Burns from Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand or Chromeo

In recent months, Playmoss incorporated the Artwork section, where prominence is given to often anonymous artists responsible for generating the visual side of music with cover designs, illustrations, scenery, music videos or logos, to name just a few examples. Their work can be found inPlaymoss wallpapers. The selection is done by looking for names whose work is halfway between art and music. This is the case of Jon Juárez, an illustrator who has made the cover of several records; Jaime Martínez, a photographer that collaborates on a regular basis in M.I.A campaigns; Arnau Pi, a graphic designer responsible for Hivern Discs graphics; and Fatima Moreno, whose work is reflected in several albums.