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Take a break and let your imagination run free. Where is it taking you? Your mind is probably saying “Let it be Friday now!” and picturing things that make you feel good—an unexpected road trip with your friends, a romantic dinner, watching tons of films or just enjoying your free time doing something fun with your family. Many people share this passion for good plans, that’s why Goodyear has launched a great blog to share all those experiences that make you feel good. It’s called Kilómetros que cuentan and we’re sure it’ll become one of your favorite blogs.

Take a break and let your imagination run free

As many of you already know, Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire brands, and most people following the brand value a lifestyle with trips and experiences above all things. So based on the brand’s slogan Made to Feel Good, Kilómetros que cuentan gathers all those unique and special moments in five different sections:

  1. It’s Friday At Last!: A section devoted to weekend getaways and other activities.
  2. Dreamy Destinations: amazing places that encourage us to plan a trip.
  3. The Perfect Route: it offers a series of routes with tips, tricks and ideas fora perfect experience.
  4. In the Best Company: This section proposes the best plans in the company of family and friends.
  5. Goodyear Tips: Based on its extensive experience and leadership in manufacturing safe tires, Goodyear offers tips related to road safety, safe driving, or how to get ready before going on a holiday and thus help drivers have a safe and pleasant trip.

So if you’re thinking about planning your next holiday, a weekend getaway or you just live and work by and for travel, visit Kilómetros que cuentan and get advice by true professionals and lots of ideas to travel and have great experiences.


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