Jordi Isern

The name of the shop Philo comes from the philosophical studies of Mercè, it’s founder, more than 10 years ago, when the term ‘etrepreneur’ hadn’t been devoid of it’s original meaning after years of misuse. Back then it defined, with a bigger degree of accuracy, anyone set to follow his passion.

Gracia has always been embodied by the small commerce, where the storekeeper acts as the prescriber and brands, without the need for big campaigns, are still alive. Philo is one of the great (small) standards of this way of understanding life, and fashion of course. We’re talking about a clothing boutique that occupies a corner of Montseny street, it’s iconic modernist store front, hydraulic floor, wooden rafters and 30′s style counter. A shop with ample personality, identity and style.

Philo wants to offer anything trite brands, but very successful, with affordable prices and quality product

Philo’s concept is based on offering brands that aren’t tried and tested albeit on point, affordable price tags that don’t show in the quality. This means:BA&SH, La petite française, Kontatto, Traffic People or Cyan. Style and personality, far removed from fleeting trends, the classic

Paris dressing style, without the shrillness of a 21st century that’s always been crazier. A shop tailored for people with a taste for the most unerring ‘chic’ in the better sense of the word, when it meant feminine and elegant and not the reviled meaning it holds today.


  • Address: c/ Montseny, 21, Barcelona
  • Timetable: L-S 11:00 - 14:00 | 17:00 - 21:00 (Lunes por la mañana cerrado)
  • Phone: 933 68 55 89
  • Type: Shop
  • Website: