Cecilia Díaz Betz

Coming across photographer Petros Koublis (Athens, 1981) is a gift for the soul. There is something enigmatic and sublime in his photographs, something that will make you want to evade yourself and observe. And in the midst of this daydreaming, one suddenly wakes up to realize that this is reality itself, a documentation of the beauty around us and, in this particular case, an album on the outskirts of Athens. Petros Koublis carefully combed the 50 km radius of the Greek capital. There, where the chaotic city ends and the countryside, the sea, and nature start is where his photographic journey begins.

The photographic series follows a discourse of constant controversy, as discussed in the agony that Athens was living at the beginning of the crisis

In Landscapes, beyond the brittle towns asleep was born from those walks between landscapes. The series oozes a unique magic and makes up a very interesting and comprehensive photographic project. Through a controversial discourse, it visually discusses the agony that Athens was living at the beginning of the crisis and shows that strange and painfully beautiful silence of its natural environment which remains apparently motionless. Images of everything around chaos, confronting silence and noise, the rural and the cosmopolitan, the empty and the full… A series where Petros Koublis reaches the unreal: portraying the eternal waiting and the mystery of time that passes slowly by when you least need it.