Ariana Díaz Celma

A few months ago we heard about the legendary Pepa Tomate, also known as Pepa Farré, a Barcelona-born cook that became somewhat famous back in the 1920s. Word has it she learned everything from her mother and from the maestro Rondissoni. He worked in classic restaurants of the time such as La Maison Doree, Glazier Can Culleretes or the Royal Square. However, Pepa lived in Gracia and had a vegetable garden at home, where she grew tomatoes. Her stir-fries, preserves and jams became so popular she was known mainly as Pepa Tomate. Now there is a restaurant bearing her name about which we’ve only heard good things. When we visited Pepatomate, we understood why.

The restaurant pays tribute to tomatoes through its décor?thousands of cans and large vegetables stamped in corners remind us of her legend?and the classic food they serve. Her recipes seek to recover the flavours of yesteryear with a twist without losing your grannie’s or great-grandmother’s essence. And they get it so right. You can start with a zucchini crudité, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan and truffle?a combination as wise as it is tasty?or with curious spinach fritters with a touch of honey and accompanied by vidre coca. Then you can go for their potato gratin with mozzarella, ham and truffle or for their Pyrenees beef Tataki. They also have a section appetizing snacks that includes Pepaburger and a baguette with sausage and Garriga peppers. As for desserts, don’t miss their tiramisu?they’ve nailed it1?and their funny Childhood Memories, a sweet that honours our childhood years, with Milkibar chocolate bar and a jar of baby food. Pepatomate is special not only for its endearing flavours, but also for their effort to present each dish in a personal and varied way.

However, take a look at the day specials that change depending on the season, the food available in markets and the imagination of Pepatomate’s team. They serve a lunch menu for about 10 euros, but you can also order the dishes from the menu. A meal is about 25/30 euros.

Here are the ingredients of Pepa’s Tomato Jam:

* 1 kg of pear tomatoes

* 500 g of cane sugar

* 2 medium-sized apples

* 1 cinnamon stick

* A piece of lemon peel

* A splash of rum (optional)

Preparation: Heat the tomatoes, peel and seed them. Cut the meat into strips and place it into a saucepan. Add the sugar, the lemon peel and the cinnamon. Simmer for two hours. Add the rum before baking if you only want to flavour the jam. Add it at the end if you want to really notice the flavour.


  • Address: Plaça de la Revolució, 17 Barcelona