Cecilia Díaz Betz

Photographer Mari Luz Vidal and Andrew Trotter decided to open the doors of their home to teach culinary and photographic projects in a more intimate and close atmosphere, different from the classic (and sometimes cold) art gallery proposal. This is how Openhouse Project was born, an unconventional space where interesting things around photography and gastronomy happen and where you can also enjoy live music.

After two years of life and many activities (exhibitions, lectures, presentations, private dinners, tastings, workshops and concerts), they are releasing the first paper edition Openhouse – The life we share, a magazine they have been working on for a year with over 144 pages full of multilingual texts, good photography and interviews that focuses on creative and entrepreneurial people from around the world.

For this wonderful magazine to become a reality, they have launched a crowdfunding project on kickstarter They will really appreciate your contribution, however small!