Good2b team

We love cinema and a year is too long, so it’s been quite hard to remember all the films we’ve watched over the past 12 months because we’ve watched A LOT. Unlike records, which we listen to over and over again to the chagrin—or delight—of our neighbours (here’s our best-of-2015 list), we only watch a film once. And that’s a mistake. So after so much effort, here’s our choice. One more time, independent, risky and a bit bizarre cinema wins by a landslide.

Probably the staunchest film lovers will be very impatient to watch the new Star Wars episode to be premiered this weekend. If you don’t have tickets, here’s a list of films you can watch while waiting…

– The Lobster (Yorgos Lanthimos)

A brilliant metaphor about the polarization of today’s atmosphere from a surreal and intimate perspective but also with his usual acidity and harshness, though this time around is more tender and reflexive.

– In the Basement (Ulrich Seidl)

What do Austrians hide in their cellars? A bit out of his head, Seidl answers this question in this sinister and hilarious documentary we don’t think your grandmother will like. A must.

– Queen of Earth (Alex Ross Perry)

Some critics say Ross Perry is a mix of Wes Anderson and Woody Allen. Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson in Mad Men), his fetish actress, stars in Queen of Earth. Moss plays a neurotic woman right after breaking up with her boyfriend. A hair-raising performance.

– The Duke of Burgundy (Peter Strickland)

Two women carry out a provocative erotic ritual every day. Dos mujeres llevan a cabo un provocativo ritual erótico día tras día. Stunning, perverse and disturbingly beautiful.

– Me and Earl and the dying girl (Alfonso Gómez-Rejón)

We also have a heart and this film, one of the most acclaimed films in Sundance this year, has stolen them.

And here are the trailers!