Cecilia Díaz Betz

The title of this piece of news in any of Madrid’s beer bars would be totally redundant. You don’t order a well-drafter caña, that’s a given. Even more so if it’s a Mahou with its cream, its cloud, the bubbles and those rings it leaves after each sip. That’s indeed a well-drafted beer, so don’t accept anything that doesn’t match this description. But of course, nobody is born knowing, that’s why we recently explained in detail what a well-drafter beer is like (refresh your memory here). Now that you know what we are talking about and you mouth is watering thinking about the cañas you will probably have after work, it’s time to know where you can go…

Mahou recognizes bars that know how to add master touch through the Bares Maestros initiative

For two years now, Mahou recognizes bars that know how to add master touch through the Bares Maestros initiative. Mahou tests, out of commitment and belief, all bars and gives a special seal to those deserving the Bares Maestros distinction. A Mahou team visits them regularly to make sure they draft cañas masterfully to ensuring their category. Download the list of bars in Madrid. Now that you are experts, remember: 2cm of cream, the cloud that retains the flavor and aroma, and Mahou’s bubble and rings!