Ariana Díaz Celma

Oliphant was born as an ambitious project combining fashion, decoration and accessories. Over the year, it won a wide base of adepts. Now the multi-brand store has changed into a signature women’s fashion project. Oliphant has also opened a new store in the Salamanca district with the aim of becoming a leading name in Madrid’s fashion.


Oliphant‘s clothes are designed for sophisticated women who value small details, curious, sensual and romantic. The result is a combination of transgressive yet classic clothes. Another feature of Oliphant’s design is their comfort. They are made with cottons, viscose, wool and knit. There are three collections available:

*Daytime Collection featuring floating blouses, trousers and jackets with a feminine and sober touch.

*A more Casual and sporty, and yet elegant, collection featuring shorts, t-shirts and jackets.

*Nighttime is sophisticated and elegant, with charm and glamour, with satin trousers and floating dresses.



  • Address: C/ Santa Teresa, 7 Madrid