Alejandra Chacón de Azúa

If we asked 100 random people on the street if they liked beer, chances are that more than half would say yes immediately. But what would craft beer enjoy the same results? I think it would be slightly different. Or maybe not. The fact that this low-circulation drink has become a precious commodity for many of us. In any case, for those of you who like beer, here is a new beer pub at El Raval named ØlGod.

Apart from the 30 beer drafts, they have as well a food menu and something so exclusive like the “beer cocktails”

ØlGod which means “the god of beer” in Danish, is the little brother of the Kaelderkold (cold cellar), a small and intimate bar with 15 artisan draft beers on Las Ramblas. But the only thing that is small –or short— at Ølgod is its name. It is much more spacious than Kaelderkold and serves about 30 draft beers. Located in the former vegetarian restaurant Jucy Jones, ØlGod is decorated with typical bright-coloured Nordic paintings that create a casual and fun atmosphere that invites to enjoy a beer at any time of the day. There is also a food menu featuring nachos, hummus, guacamole and vegetarian burgers, as well as “beer cocktails”, including Beer Pirinha, Ølgod Shandy or the Nordic Sour.

Ølgod supports artisanal beer brands that are new in Barcelona. Every week, the Tap Take Over event allows new breweries to use one of Ølgod’s 30 beer taps. Last Friday, it was the turn of Garage Beer, which presented a double multi take over, an event that was simultaneously held at Kaelderkold and Ølgod. A craft beer party was celebrated with a DJ playing ’80s vinyl records.

Barcelona-born Garage Beer was launched two years ago and offers a range that includes imperial stout, IPA session, IPA, Pale Ale and Saison. Garage Beers sells some of its beers in cans instead of bottles, as the most brands do. The reason is simple: the glass lets sunlight in, which eventually affects the yeast and the beer’s flavor.  Available in can are Middle Child and Fulcrum, somewhat softer and less bitter.

At Ølgod you can taste up to 30 draft beers and taste different ones every week. There are beer tastings, too. Follow them on Facebook.