Cecilia Díaz Betz

Oki Sato is a multifaceted Canadian architect and designer and the alma mater of Nendo. Sato founded this multidisciplinary design studio in 2002 at the age of 24. This year, Paris’ international decoration fair Maison & Objet named him Designer 2015, and to celebrate it he made Chocolatexture, a sort of mausoleum for chocolate lovers.

Oki Sato designed a multi-sensorial space within Maison & Objet, where a collection of nine beautiful and delicious chocolates is exposed, it also works

With Chocolatexture Oki Sato designed a multi-sensorial space at Maison & Objet that includes nine beautiful and delicious chocolates, also his work is exposed. It is not the first time we see Sato experiment with chocolate. We had already seen creations as diverse as chocolate pencils or chocolate paint tubes. In this case, each of the pieces is crafted inspired by a Japanese word or sound to create a texture. The result is a set of chocolates called Onomatopoeia.Oki Sato says he made all the models with the same chocolate, but the texture and the shapes give them different flavors. As of January 23 they will be on show at Maison & Objet.