Cecilia Díaz Betz

Russian design studio Oikimus just launched 5+5 a special lamp can be transformed and metamorphosed to the taste and imagination of the user. This curious model is inspired by Rubik’s Cube’s, the Rubik’s snake, another great toy by Erno Rubik with which to unleash your imagination and form countless figures.

 A versatile, ecological, original and suitable subject for all ages and environments

The lamp comprises of seven elements interconnected by hinges, with a joint mechanism allowing the parts to rotate 360° to create two- or three-dimensional shapes. The lamp case is composed of plywood, with LEDs inside the case illuminating through Plexiglas. The result is a versatile, ecological and original lamp suitable for both public and private areas and for all age groups. It can be easily transformed into a table lamp, a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp.
Take a look at the video below to fully understand what we are in love with it. Let yourself be enlightened by Oikimus’ 5+5 lamp!