Cecilia Díaz Betz

The number of people looking for nice places to eat healthily and with guarantees has grown exponentially in recent years. Regarding food, not everything goes, and more and more people are aware of this. We want to know what we are eating, where food comes from, their properties and how it is cooked. This need for knowledge inspired the opening of OhBo Organic Café. Its owner, tired of not finding places with these requirements, conducted extensive research and, with excellent nutritional and culinary advice, opened OhBo, a new and essential hotspot in uptown Barcelona for lovers of organic, healthy cooking made with certified products.

The first thing that draws your attention from OhBO is its aesthetic presentation, a good enough reason to go in. The decor, designed by Isabel López Vilalta, mix avant-garde and industrial styles yet it creates a very warm atmosphere. This is achieved with the combination of iron and wood covering the restaurant’s 210 m2 and lots of natural light coming through the windows. Once inside, comfortably seated checking out a very detailed menu, comes the next surprise: water. Elaborated at OhBo through a filtering process that achieves optimum quality and purity without generating waste, it is served in beautiful glass bottles. Part of the proceeds goes for a charity project called Agua para todos.

The chef and culinary consultant Iker Erauzkin are responsible for developing each of the dishes, paying special attention to presentation and keep all the flavor and properties of the ingredients

And now it’s time to order. The task is complicated because all dishes at OhBo are really appetizing and there is a great variety of options. We recommend you to have one of their smoothies or juices while you think what to eat to charge your batteries in the blink of an eye, and the truth is that they are addicting! There are more than 20 fresh smoothies that change depending on the season, created by expert naturopath Adriana Ortemberg. There are three types: natural juices, the Green Smoothies (made from combinations of vegetables) or special Smoothies made with superfoods that have restorative, antiaging, revitalizing and energizing properties as well as antioxidants.

The menu features a variety of healthy and tasty dishes. Chef and culinary consultant Iker Erauzkin is responsible for developing each of the dishes, paying special attention to their presentation while keeping all the flavors and properties of the ingredients. And what’s even better, there are options for all tastes: vegetarian, vegan, celiacs, with detailed specifications on the composition of the dishes and nutritional values. For starters we recommend you hummus, guacamole and baba gamush with pita bread and any of their tasty salads, especially the one with quinoa, raisins, pistachio, mint and carrot. Then, if you’re a fan of the tatars, try their wild salmon with avocado, apple and ginger, you’ll love it! But if you’re more into meat, organic roast beef from Pobla de Segur is your option. Are you vegetarian? Don’t miss their vegetable lasagna. And, of course, as a climax, try their yougurt with muesli and berries.

Average price per person 20-25 €.

  • Timetable: L-D 08:00 - 00:00
  • Phone: 933 48 29 68
  • Type: Restaurant
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