Bru Romero

As the saying goes, when God closes a door, he opens a window. With the closing of La Panamericana, Oceanika becomes the best window a good restaurant can open. Let us tell you why.

Lots of fun in the kitchen that is shared in the dining area, where light accompanies every dish

Located halfway between Tetuán and Chamberí, Oceanika has made room for itself in our agenda thanks to its Latin cuisine, as well as for their take on foodie trompe l’oeils. Run by chef Filomena Grudeski and floor manager Carlos Pérez (La Panamericana team), they assure that “everything is done wrongly, everything is done the other way around,” which keep diners eagerly waiting for the next gastronomic stunt. Moreover, the kitchen is full of fun, something shared in the dining area, where light accompanies every dish, wood framing each of the raw materials served on the table.

Starters such as the de-structured coffee maker –fish and seafood broth—; churros with chocolate—fake maize churros and black beans—and fake rice niguiris with milk are some of the craziest moments in a tasting menu that also includes vegetable tempura, Mexican-style temaki, sea bass or salmon ceviches and tiraditos (among others) and the delicious cornets with cochinita and chicken ají that us to a selection of unparalleled desserts.

For those willing to enjoy an aftermeal conversation, do so with a pisco sour, a Oceanika michelada, a margarita or a cuba libre to ease your digestion. Enjoy!