Cecilia Díaz Betz

The fashion world seems to be following a more independent and honest path without hesitation, one which only the truly sane dare to take but that, unfortunately, is not free of obstacles. This is a transparent path with loads of common sense that has nothing to hide because things are being made properly. Within our borders there are many examples of this that are widening our purchasing opportunities, from established labels to younger ones. All of them are slowly but surely opening our eyes to a different and necessary way of understanding fashion.

NU#02 sells footwear for men and women, accessories, industrial design pieces and furniture made and produced here

The new store NU#02 is a perfect example of this. Run by three Catalan independent designers, Josep AbrilMiriam Ponsa and Txell Miras, their aim was to open a space halfway between experimentation and a traditional store. It is deliberately located in the Eixample, on Valencia 229, amidst fast fashion multinationals and franchises against which is almost impossible to compete. This is an experiment to sell the collections for men and women of these three designers who aim to include more design products created and manufactured in Barcelona.

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UN#02 alludes to nudity. On the one hand, to the idea of opening the store among so many fast fashion big names with a radically different proposals and nothing to hide and, on the other, to the nudity of the premises, a former 260m2 warehouse of electrical material that retains its original spirit.



  • Address: Valencia, 229, Barcelona
  • Timetable: L-S 11:00h - 20:30h | D Cerrado
  • Phone: 936339527
  • Type: Shop
  • Website: