Ariana Díaz Celma

Make no mistake, Barcelona is full of places with a pour soul but cunningly wrapped in gift paper. We pigeonholed Norte Restaurante  in this unfortunate category, a restaurant we had looked to with some suspicion, until the day we decided to try it. The place is nice, and the food is good and healthy. Norte Restaurante is run by three friends: María González (sommelier) and Lara Zabala and Fernando Martínez-Conde (cooks).

Norte Restaurante  serves a menu that features seasonal products served in small dishes to share. There is also room for timeless classics that have already become Norte’s star dishes?jarret croquettes, a juicy marinated pheasant hamburger with caramelized onions and arugula, and hake with lemon mayonnaise. Desserts include beads stuffed with pastry cream and Carmelina lemon custard cream, already popular in the neighborhood where the restaurant is located. All food is cooked with olive oil and bread comes straight from the Sant Josep Bakery. The restaurant takes care of every detail and it shows in the end result.

Although they don’t serve proper brunch on Saturdays, they include their most paradigmatic dishes on their breakfast menu. Don’t miss their Calaf eggs on toast with tasty bacon to fill guests with energy. In addition to the classic homemade cakes and pastries, they also have a mouth-watering menu with healthy and tasty sandwiches.

Lunch or dinner in Norte Restaurante  is about 20 euros.


  • Address: C/Diputació, 321 Barcelona