Ariana Díaz Celma

There is doubt that when it comes to interior design, the Scandinavian have a distinct, elegant touch that we lack down here. It might be the cold and the endless hours they spend at home, but the term design takes on a superior yet not pretentious meaning. Now thanks to NordicThink we have the chance to enjoy some of the best Scandinavian designers. In this shop you can experience firsthand the sensations provoked by Nordic furniture as you enter.


NordicThink sometimes complains about the negative connotations that the term design has taken on over the past few years. The lack of design tradition and the mass production of certain design pieces belittle the work of artisans. At NordicThink you will only find unique pieces that may cost you a bit more than those you would find at Ikea, but at least you will be sure you won’t find as many clones.

NordicThink retails furniture, lamps and objects that share a common feature, the designation of origin and the fact that they have been assembled to be durable pieces. As it usually happens with Scandianvian design, the selection has been carried out under quality, functionality and aesthetic criteria. Of course, each and all of the products show honest design which uses first-rate materials treated with sensible and sustainable artisanal techniques. We have surrendered to the charms of NordicThink. We are sure you will also do as soon as you step in.


  • Address: C/Consell de Cent, 412 Barcelona