Ariana Díaz Celma

Coffee culture is here to stay. A few days ago we told you about Skye Coffee & Co and a year ago about Satan’s Coffee Corner, which has now changed its location. Today it’s the turn of two heavyweights in the field: barista Jordi Mestre?world champion of the discipline in 2013?and Ossenblock?third position in a world’s coffee tasting. Together they opened a few weeks ago Cøffee Lab & Shop in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, a space created as an ode to tasty coffee without sugar.

Cøffee is exclusively devoted to coffee. This is an honest place with a Scandinavian-style decoration where what you see is what you get: a wooden bar presided over a large coffee machine, with a few stools placed in front of tiles embedded in the wood that remind us that, although we might as well be in London, we are in sunny Barcelona. Cøffee pays tribute to Nomad Cøffee Productions, Mestre’s coffee brand, among other brands. In addition to this, there are plenty of coffee makers and filters of various kinds?all for sale and with different specificities?which also serve as decoration items on the shelves. If you have a bike, you’re lucky because you can leave it inside. Cøffee works as follows. Each morning Jordi proposes you to try interesting toasted coffees such as the Tussell or Gas Up! They also have a menu with different options: Básico, which includes a pack of coffee and a tasting; O Todo o nada, with a capuccino and a filter; and Guateque, with two packs and as many coffee and two people want to have right then and there. You can also get a loyalty card with five cups of coffee for 10 euros.

In the afternoon, the doors closed and Kim offers coffee-related courses and workshops.

More info here. If you love coffee, this is the place to be!


  • Address: Passatge Sert, 12 Barcelona