Bru Romero

Fads come and go, but we don’t always want so many voluble trends and obsessions for a specific garment or accessory but something new that goes against the current, something that stands out from the rest. Thankfully, there are places where we can go to break the rules and become different, for example Noirfonce, a concept store that’s also a cafeteria and a gallery.

Noirfonce, the new paradise for lovers of sneakers

Located in Malasaña and run by French friends Luc and RomainNoirfonce is a paradise for lovers of sneakers, a labyrinthine meeting point that takes us to another dimension where nothing wrong can happen. There you will find the latest models of brands including PumaAsicsNew BalanceDiadora o Sauconi (you won’t find them anywhere else), eyewear, jewelry, cleaning products and even specialized magazines for your experience to be even more pleasurable.


Noirfonce is an authentic adventure in street culture, a place to shop but also to spend a nice, unhurried time while reveling in the surroundings.