Cecilia Díaz Betz

Today it is more rather common to see industrial design and furniture design to cross borders, deservedly approaching the status of art and being shown in galleries. Objects are not only objects of desire and/or utility but also true works of art. An example of this is the exquisite and subversive work of Kueng Caputo. From the collection Never too much, we specially like the armchairs and the stools. Stackable, manageable, colorful, enigmatic and psychedelic… But most importantly, they hide a process of creation and implementation worthy of study. Each of these objects is a great little work of art, an act of patience, and they are all unique!

Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo aka Kueng Caputo, have been working together since they were design students at the HGKZ in Zurich. Their projects have been exhibited around the world since 2009. They have just opened, at the New York gallery Salon 94, an exhibition showcasing the collection Never too much, a series of seats, armchairs and benches that are nothing out of the ordinary, though they are highly appealing. But nothing is what it seems with Kueng Caputo. Their process is composed of many small irreversible steps, which involve time and patience.

Stools and benches are made with very soft Italian leathers, which harden when laid on metal structures. Then they treat the skin, dry it following natural techniques and varnish it. Finally, they texture them with metallic paints, and that is where they honour their name: it’s never too much. Each and every one of them is based on the contrast of materials and shapes and the pursuit of disorientation. The result is a high-quality, utilitarian, psychotropic and tremendously sculptural collection made with quality materials.