Ariana Díaz Celma

Coffe lovers, time is about to come for you to enjoy the two new Nespresso limited edition varieties. edición limitada. Starting on March 17th, you can purchase the two capsules newly arrived from Colombia: With an intensity of 6, Cauca comes in a green package and, with an intensity of 7, Santander comes in a brown package. To promote them, the Nespresso crew invited us to try them and to learn more about the culture of coffee and the importance of barmen.

As it happens with wine, coffee is closely linked to the terroir, a French word without an apparent translation that is used to describe a specific geographic area with specific geological, climatic and environmental features. In fact, terroir is so important a specific kind of grape may have a completely different flavour depending on the area is it grown. And the same happens with coffee.

The new Nespresso Arabica varieties come from two different terroirs from the same country. Cauca and Santander are two regions located at opposite ends of Colombia. For years, Nespresso has implemented the program AAA Sustainable Quality, which allows many farmers to continue growing coffee. Cauca is located in a lush, equatorial region of south-west Colombia, where coffee feels the effects of the equatorial sun. Santander, to the north-east, is a drier, steeper region surrounded by mountains forming the other end of the Andes Cordillera mountain range. Here, coffee bushes are grown and protected from the high-intensity sun by tall trees. These geographical specificities mean that, despite having an Arabica coffee in hand, the result is different. While Cauca is characterized by its fruity, winey aromas and juicy taste, Santander incorporates toasted bread notes with sweet notes of caramel and with a rounded and balanced finish.

During the tasting, which highlighted the similarities between coffee and wine, we were recommended to try them in a expresso cup (40 ml) with or without milk to appreciate its features. You can buy to both varieties starting on 17 March in one of 60 Nespresso boutiques or at Nespresso online store