Ariana Díaz Celma

Nacho Alegre is one of today’s most interesting photographers and one of the few that has made himself room in the national and international photo scene. He is a regular contributor to magazines including Hercules, GQ or Vogue. Pixie Geldoff, Laura Ponte and Ferrá Adriá are some of the celebrities he has portrayed. Many will know him as one of the brains behind the Apartamento magazine.

You owe part of your popularity as a photographer to your Diaries series. How did they come about and why did you decide to give them continuity?

Keeping a diary is a way of reinforcing memories and remembering the things I do every day. It’s like a photo book. It’s also a way to explore the environment, a part of the moodboard I later work on.

You are 30 years old and you have already been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Hercules. You have also worked for brands such as Vitra and Levi’s. What would you like to achieve in the near future?

You never know? Now I’m focused on Apartamento. I’m more excited about the magazine than about my own work. Everything is new and the magazine is evolving much faster than me as a photographer.

You are one of the brains behind Apartamento, a magazine that has been praised internationally and which is retailed in prestigious stores like Colette. How come you got involved in the publishing world in a time when many magazines and newspapers are closing down?

The truth is that there are new magazines each month. I think it’s a time of intense change. In our case, we got more and more involved in the idea as we were developing it, and we were so excited about it we decided to continue on with it.

Why is Apartamento so successful?

We’ve invested many hours on it. When we started, we used all our money, so we made sure from the very beginning things were going to be made properly. We travelled a lot and talked with many people. We want the magazine to express exactly what we want to do and not something else.

We’ve interviewed a few photographers and some of them mentioned you as an influence. Who influences you?

Bruce Weber, Tillmans, Walter Pfeiffer, Venetia Scott, Anders Petersen, Araki, Juergen Teller, Sarah Moon, Peter Beard, Deborah de Turbeville… There’re so many! But I like almost everything. I have some friends in Barcelona who are doing amazing things: Robbie Whitehead, Coke Bartrina, Adria Cañameras, Quentin de Brey. I like all their photographs, or at least something of all of them.

These are hard times to survive. Many magazines are closing and the online world is very diffuse. What will the role of the photographer in the future?

The role of the photographer will be the same regardless of the support. The only difference is that today there are many more photographers and the average pay is lower? I don’t know what will happen, to tell you the truth?

Any exhibitions worth visiting?

The Miró exhibition in Barcelona is very good. If someone happens to be in Denmark, I recommend a visit to a contemporary art museum called Louisiana, the best one I’ve been to so far. There was an exhibition with iPads by David Hockney. Very weird.

You’d ban?

Smoking and selling cigarretes. That would help me quit!

You can’t stop listening to?

The Coasters.

You never thought you’d end up?

Finishing my degree. Actually, I never finished it?