Ariana Díaz Celma

Many of you already know Muy Mío on Santaló, 11, a nice place to stop and eat something simple but tasty and healthy at any time of the day. The Muy Mío owners have decided to give a twist to an already tasty deal with Muy Mío Plaza, a new version with more sophisticated food to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere with a Nordic air thanks to the use of wood and other details like fresh flowers. The best part? The terrace. And we have not yet spoken of the menu?

Halfway between Gracia and Sant Gervasi (although closer to the latter), Muy Mío serves gourmet food with a Mediterranean twist to enjoy without interruption. In fact, it is said that among their clientele it is easy to find Mexicans?well-off Mexicans love spending hours and hours at a table eating, drinking and chatting in an on-going celebration. That is precisely what Muy Mío and their tasty menu want.

The menu has quite a lot of room for what they call ‘social meals’ or dishes for sharing, such as cocido croquettes ‘secret recipe’, duck confit terrine, fresh apple and fig compote, rice with candied squid and rustit, an impressive forest and barnyard fondue, or delicious scrambled eggs with foie and ham. Among their most powerful proposals there is a wonderful suckling pig with a five-peppers sauce with grilled vegetables or in a sandwich format. Also worth tasting is Blufin tuna with Acapulco sauce and the Nebraska Black Angus Faux filet.

Although if you already know Muy Mío, you’ll know that a real highlight is their desserts. Don’t miss their classic cheese cake with fruit sauce or their carrot cake. A meal at Muy Mío is about 30/35 euros.

During the week, you can enjoy Tríos de Mediodía, a daily menu including a starter, a main course, one of their homemade desserts and a drink, all for 12.95 euros. The price depends on what has been ordered: ?We do not like to fool our customers, a menu always has more affordable options than others and it doesn’t seem right to pay more than necessary.?

Also, on Saturdays and Sundays they serve a perfect crossover of the American brunch and the traditional brunch. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at night the menu is accompanied by a Dj session and drinks.


  • Address: Plaça de Cardona, 4 Barcelona