Ariana Díaz Celma

If you happen to be in London on May 18th, drop by MUJI, our favourite Japanese white label to see some of the items released to commemorate the first anniversary of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster. MUJI has launched a collection that puts emphasis on cultural parameters of energy use.

MUJI has always been dedicated to the pursuit of adequacy, of designing products that are truly fit for their purpose. The Japanese word for craftsmanship is monozukuri, and they have put it at the very heart of their products. MUJI does not aim to make just adequate products, but products imbued with craftsmanship. They have taken a rather minimalist approach, always asking such questions as: ?Is this necessary?? or ?Is this going too far?? However, following the Earthquake disaster, even MUJI strongly felt the need to renew their determination to pursue monozukuri in harmony with society and the earth, and that is why they decided to create the Product fitness 80 exhibition.

Many people in Japan interpreted the earthquake that struck the island’s east coast on March 11th 2011 as a call for attention. The increasing concern about the excessive consumption of products and materials, as well as the over emphasis put by mass media on unbridled consumption has kindled awareness about a responsible and more sustainable use of natural resources.

MUJI controls exhaustively the design and manufacturing of its products. It may sometimes be frustrating to reduce an article to its essential features, but in the end it becomes something natural and even pleasurable. In the same way that changing a diet or starting to make physical exercise is hard at the beginning, MUJI believes in the development of a sustainable world economy for the benefit of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

What: MUJI Product Fitness 80.

When: March 9-March 15.

Where: Design Museum (28, Shad Thames).