Cecilia Díaz Betz

A book deserves a thought. Walrus Books was born under this premise. A different, close, family publishing house, it explores and materializes new publishing models. A twin sister of the already known Editorial Morsa, Walrus offers you the chance to make custom books, fusing self-publishing with conventional publishing. The brains behind this project are two inveterate book lovers, Nuria López and Gabriel Bravo, people with devotion and dedication that can help publish that book that has been in your head for years.

Walrus Books represents a new publishing concept in which the catalog is shaped by the authors themselves. If you have an idea and would like to translate it into a book but you don’t know where to start from or what to do, just tell them about your idea: they will evaluate your project on their judgment and experience, and always with love and dedication. All topics, genres and styles are accepted. If they like your idea, they begin to visualize that future book, transforming your ideas and creativity into publications.

They adapt to your specific needs and put at your disposal the best professionals and companies: designers, layout artists, photographers, illustrators, editors, translators, editors and printing. The give you advise and guide the process for you to achieve what you want. Finally they offer a budget tailored to your needs. And last but not least, they also offer a distribution service.

Come on, you no longer have excuses! Take a look at some of the books they have already published here.