Cecilia Díaz Betz

Less than a year ago we told you about the birth of Morena, a new publication by the Córdova-Canillas studio. The magazine is a series of 48-page monographs featuring 24×32cm photographs that defend elegant nudity, impeccable design and an air of personal diary. After the successful first issue called When Hannah met Henrik with photos by Henrik Purienne, Morena returns with a new issue with photos by Guy Aroch.

 A case where the steady gaze of the model impausible is stuck like a dagger and a sexy extremademente on the viewer

This New York-based Israeli photographer was keeping track of the beautiful Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro throughout 2014. The result of several photo shoots they made together is now presented in this second issue of Morena called Guy Aroch With Lais Ribeiro. Again this is a voyeur-like session, with images casual images that lead us to believe Lais Ribeiro and Guy Aroch are a couple. A monograph where the steady and extremely sexy gaze of the model feel like a dagger in the eyes of the viewer, while Guy Aroch stresses how sexuality, sensuality and the female nude can mix so warmly in same person. A delight to the eye, especially for lovers of photography and paper editions. Now available on pre-order by clicking here. There are only 1,000 copies available.