Claudia Pascual López

Sculpture, drawing, collage, video, photography… There’s nothing Miguel Ivorra cannot do. With his work, he seeks to connect with onlookers through a subconscious and intellectual way.

Miguel Ivorra presents Mivo Art, a founding research project for his future artistic works

The art world is a rather complicated one and its survival depends many times on the help people who value consistent, creative work. Ivorra wants to use his art to raise money for future artistic projects, an initiative called Mivo Art, which consists in releasing a limited edition of t-shirts with zebras as the key figures. Again, Ivorra’s beautiful animals strike again. The artist’s originality is not to be found in the t-shirt design but also in the way he sells them—all models will only be available for purchase during 19 days. If over that period he sells 50, they will be manufactured and sent out. T-shirts are priced 22€. You have until 17th April to get yours here.