Ariana Díaz Celma

Miss Kleckley Store is a new clothing store located in right in the heart of Gràcia (C/Robí, 25) that will be the delight of the boldest ones.

Pink neon welcomes you into this friendly space selling colourful, happy and carefree streetwear.

You probably know Miss Kleckey if you’ve been living in Barcelona for a while. For two years it has been selling original t-shirt collections such as OJO via e-commerce. But it was 2009 when they decided to launch a blog devoted to women’s sneakers. And from there to manufacturing their own designs! Now they run their own store and retail other brands including Lazy Oaf, White Pepper, Skinnydip of London and Ellesse. Winter sales have already started, so if you’ve always wanted to wear a Lazy Oaf t-shirt, Miss Kleckey is waiting for you with open arms.

Watch below the video of the inauguration and learn more about what will probably become one of your favourite stores in the city.


  • Address: C/ Robí, 26, Barcelona
  • Type: Shop