Pau Roca

Korean cosmetics is on everyone’s lips, especially for its quality, its somewhat boyish and colorful packaging and its warm—o and studied consciousness—fragrances and textures. Now Barcelona has officially opened the first store dedicated to China’s beauty products. MiiN aims to be the catalyst of a strong current coming from Asia.

MiiN is the first Korean cosmetics store in Barcelona

South Korea and Eastern culture in general have known for its cult of aesthetics and beauty, and for a long time both men and women have put special emphasis on the motto “feel good on the outside to feel good inside.” In fact, the first make-up was born in Korea in 1910. Koreans have developed a style of their own when it comes to makeup, creams, eyeliners, lipsticks and all kinds of cosmetics. In fact, if any products is “made in Korea”, then quality is guaranteed. Koreans have been experimenting with ingredients applied to cosmetics for years and it shows. So it won’t be strange to find volcanic clay masks brought from the Jeju Island and lots of other products with natural food elements at MiiN.



There is also a complete catalog with cosmetics brought from Asia. Flashy and exotic products such as Creme Prestige d’Escargot, a facial wrinkle moisturizing cream with snail extract to improve the skin; or Green Tea Seed Serum, a moisturizing serum with green tea seeds and natural extracts, also from the island of Jeju.

There is also, of course, a good assortment of liquid makeup, nutritious soaps, olive oil or butter hand creams and lipsticks.



Furthermore, upstairs at MiiN there is a space to get started in the practice of oriental makeup. Sign up for workshops and personalized advice so that you learn more about the culture of Korean cosmetics.

Visit their recently launched website for more info. There is also an online store. You can also check out their blog.