Ariana Díaz Celma

Miguel Ángel Jiménez is the cocktail man at Belmondo, a cocktail bar with terrace born to take cocktail lovers for a trip around heaven, and one of the World Class finalists, the world’s most important competition as far as cocktail making goes. We have interviewed him?

What does a cocktail need to win the World Class?

The challenge at World Class is to make a classic cocktail with a twist. I chose the Clover Club?gin, lemon, grenadine, raspberry liquor and egg white?and turned it into a In Da Club, a new version that is named after a 50 Cent song. It’s a mix of classic and modern cocktails. It combines Tanqueray 10, hibiscus flower syrup, lime juice and grapefruit syrup. It looks like the mix works out.

Classic or modern cocktail making?

There’s a time for everthing. Both work. Cocktail making is evolving fast, so you can’t say no to any of them.

What’s the best music to enjoy a cocktail?

From hip hop to Frank Sinatra, it all depends on the base drink and the moment.

Would ?In Da Club’ by 50 Cent be the perfect soundtrack to enjoy your creation?

It could, but it’s more about a concept and son so much about a soundtrack in itself.

The ideal cocktail for a given time of the day?

Before lunch, a Negroni or a French 75. For dessert, an Alexander or a Gin Fizz. In the late afternoon, a gin tonic, whisky or rum? Before dinner, a Champagne Cocktail or a Dry Martini and after dinner, a Manhattan.

Shall we believe in the Premium drinks boom or are they overrated?

Although, in principle, there’s a lot of truth about Premium drinks, sometimes they take advantage of the nomenclature. We should pay attention to these things.

Gin & Tonic is all the rage now. What will be the next?

I’ve heard it’ll be vodka, but I think it’ll be cocktails in general.

Your favourite hotspots?

The Artesian and the Night Yard in London; Museo Chicote in Madrid.

Do you think Madrid is better as far as cocktail making goes?

No, Barcelona is way better, but both cities are evolving at a very good pace.

You can’t stop listening to?

?Stand by Me’ by Ben E. King.

You’d ban?

People who don’t know anything about humbleness?

good2b means…

Doing what you want to do.